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I do photography., web design.

A little about

My name is Totte Lundgren. I’m a 29 year old creative minded guy living in the northern parts of Sweden. If you’re the kind of person/company who enjoy taking coffee breaks once an hour and/or does not have enough stuff to do thru out the day, please don’t hire me. I don’t do still.

Growing up, I’ve always had a computer at hand, as a matter of fact, our first computer was a Pentium II @300Mhz. My passion for IT-related stuff started to grow around the age of 10 when my mom brought home a massive book for HTML which she borrowed from a friend. Later on I grew an interest for how stuff worked. Programming, servers, networks and what not. I’ve hosted various game servers along with VOIP servers since the age of 13 as well as several successful community sites with hundreds of active users. The visuals came later on, such as graphics and photography.

I am literally a wizard with computers.

My greatest strength is probably my ability to keep in touch with people. That’s something I get complimented on quite a lot. This is a very good quality in my opinion, especially in business where I value customer contact very highly. Other than that, I’m a very fast learner. I  was once told (indirectly), “What takes other people a year to learn, he’ll learn in 1-2 month if he put your mind to it. It’s so unfair.”. This is probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

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With an eye for perfection, I’ll capture every moment. I’m not a big fan of overexposed “standard” photos. I’m more into the flat contrast and dehazed cinematic look. Moody, in-the-moment photos are more my thing. But of course.. I do whatever fits your needs. Most of all I enjoy portait photography. There’s something really special with capturing emotions.

Web Design

With long and wide experience with the majority of big CMS (content management systems), I’ve decided to settle down with WordPress and become the best I can within the area. My goal is to catch your customers eye. This goes very hand-in-hand with photography, as I’m also able to shoot the photos you desire for your website.

Image & Graphical Design

I’m well familiar with the Affinity family, don’t be scared, it’s just as powerful as Adobe’s Photoshop & Illustrator. I’ll design your company’s logo, composite photos, retouching, everything you need for your website and a whole lot more.

IT related

With a very long experience within the IT market, I can help you and your company with literally anything from installing programs/environments, (re)installing operating systems to more advanced server installations and setups.

Wedding Photography
I do moody and in-the-moment wedding photography.
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Photographs that would look good on your wall.
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Child Photography
They grow up so fast. Why not shoot some memories?
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